Your Rewards


Points are not earned for shipping fees, taxes, discounts or store credit applied to your orders. Giant Rewards points expire after 1 year of inactivity.

Referral Exclusions & Restrictions: To receive rewards for a successful referral, the referrer must have made at least one purchase at Giant Vapes; the referred party must be a new customer and may not be a member of the referrer's household; and the referred party must use the provided referral coupon code on an order.

Other Exclusions & Restrictions: Select rewards may be earnable a limited number of times. Select rewards may be subject to time restrictions (earnable once in a certain period or available for a limited time). Select rewards may be available only to a specific group of customers (based on account and order-related criteria such as VIP tier). Contact customer service via email ( if you have questions about specific limitations, exclusions or restrictions.