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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Founded by Illinois-based music and sci-fi connoisseur Shukri Yanni, Transistor eliquids was officially created in January 2015 after about a year of tinkering and mixing.

Shukri was working at a pharmaceutical lab at the time of Transistor’s birth, and worked closely with his coworker, a former flavor chemist for a Fortune 100 company, to hone his craft. Oddly enough, his intentions were never to create a business. He wanted to develop the best possible e-liquid flavor for himself and his friends. It didn’t take long before the demand exploded, and he was forced to ramp up production.

Transistor crafts eliquid blends ranging from dessert flavors like Foster and #Babyclouds, to fruit flavors such as NectoSphere and cereal treats like Boo. Transistor has since developed a huge following of fans, with many more sure to come. Available now at Giant Vapes.