Sigelei Electronic Tech Co. is an innovative e-cigarette manufacturer based in Dongguan, China that has been making popular vape products since 2011.

Beginning with the Sigelei ZMAX in 2012, Sigelei has provided vapers around the world with reliable, affordable hardware for many years. Guangdong Sigelei has developed a number of recognizable vape kits, including the Fuchai, Kaos, Compak and Vcigo Series vapes. The durable, stylish vaporizers manufactured by Sigelei are designed to be unique and exciting, and Sigelei claims many firsts in the vape industry, including early designs for box-shaped devices, temperature control mods and high-wattage devices.

Today, Sigelei is still committed to providing top-quality, affordable vape kits with the utterly unique Sigelei style to vapers around the world. With several devices submitted for PMTA approval, you can rest assured that your Sigelei products will be available to you. Ergonomic, powerful, and built to last, picking one of these devices by Sigelei is a great choice for your vape journey.