WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ripe Vapes


Ripe Vapes premium e-liquids are designed with the vape connoisseur in mind. Starting with the highest quality ingredients, handcrafted with love by an incredible staff of e-liquid experts, Ripe Vapes goes the extra mile to provide exceptional flavors and professional branding. As a company, they are inspired by makers of fine wine. From their logo and labels to the care and craft they put into their ejuice blends, Ripe Vapes e-liquids are meant to be smelled, tasted, and savored like a glass of rich merlot or crisp chardonnay. Find your perfect inhale with Ripe Vapes.

This national and international award-winning brand has been honored at Vape Summit One in Las Vegas, Vape Summit Two in Houston, Vape Jam UK 2016, and was awarded the 2014 Spinfuel Choice Award for Specialty Vape. Now, you’ll find their sophisticated e-liquids right here at Giant Vapes.