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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Since the early days of vaping, Jeff Burness and Dave Estes have been scouring the globe looking for the perfect berry flavor to put in their ejuice. In 2013, they discovered the Rawberry in an undisclosed location known only to them. Gushingly juicy with a flavor that seems to combine ripe alpine strawberries, heritage red raspberries, a touch of cape cod cranberries, and a hint of wild blackberries, it's a complex berry taste that is totally unique and truly is a berry all its own.

They first made it for themselves and a few friends. Slowly word got out that Rawberry was the perfect all day vape, they had to make more than they could handle, and they ran out. They needed more Rawberries.

In 2016, they re-discovered the secret Rawberry patch, and Rawberry ejuice was re-born, this time with enough supply to share.

Rawberry. Raw taste. Raw flavor so wild it cannot be tamed. It can only be bottled.