Psiquid e-Liquid


Developed by Chris Kennedy, Psiquid e-Liquid was created in 2016. The unique dessert flavors in the Psiquid lineup have seen an amazing public response. The first three flavors developed an almost instantaneous cult following, and each addition to the line has been welcomed with open arms.

Many eliquid companies can capture the distinct flavors of our beloved cereals, candies and pastries. Chris and the rest of the Psiquid team START on that higher level, only to progress further up to produce some of the most original, unheard-of flavors of eliquids.

Psiquid is a direct reflection of Chris’ personal experiences refined over years of sharing his creative efforts with his friends, family, and colleagues. While some profiles may sound similar to others, Chris assures you that inside every bottle is a truly unique vaping experience. We here at Giant Vapes concur.