PRISM E-Liquids


PRISM E-Liquids is a premium e-liquid from Irvine, CA, and they are here to stay, with a robust catalogue of delicious flavors and a heavy focus on compliant products.

Premium quality and purity is the hallmark of the PRISM vapor products. All PRISM eliquids are made in an ISO Class 6 clean room and certified lab tested with publicly available results for every batch produced. You can access those results by scanning the QR code located on the bottom of every bottle.

Looking for delicious menthols and mouthwatering bakery flavors? Check out the LUMA series. You’ll find crisp, authentic fruit flavors in the six CHROMA series flavors by Prism. And if tobaccos are more your speed, the OMBRA series by PRISM has a selection of delicious and popular tobacco flavors.

PRISM flavors have been on the market since before the 8/8/2016 deadline and all flavors are either pending submission to, or have been submitted and accepted by, the PMTA review process. This means you’ll be able to get these flavors even after the PMTA deadline!