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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Potion Vape


After beginning experimentation with e-cigarettes and e-liquid in 2010, the founders of Potion Vape, Cosmin and Adina, began experimenting with DIY, and by late 2012 were creating their own juices for personal use.  Potion Vape was founded shortly after, and operates with one simple goal in mind:  To create the highest quality flavored e-liquids available on the market, using the safest, highest quality ingredients available.

Potion Vape wanted to offer e-liquid users an alternative to what was available on the market, that used only natural flavors, extracts, and botany crafted ingredients.  They worked for months mixing, testing, extracting, and creating crazy flavor concepts and blends, ending with many of the flavors that are still available today.

Their line of e-juices is made in the USA, with all USA-sourced ingredients, and USDA certified organic products.  Their juices are all naturally flavored and herb-infused, with no artificial ingredients used ever, and use USP grade VG, PG, and USP grade nicotine.

Their extraction process is performed at low temperatures, so no flavor loss occurs during fruit extraction, even though it is a more costly and time consuming process.  No unsafe or untested flavorings, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or any other potentially harmful components are ever used.