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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Online Exclusives


Have you grown tired of inferior quality, cheap vape juice? Welcome to the Giant Vapes Online Exclusives page. Like everything else we do, with this exclusives page we set out to provide you with refreshingly unique and high quality ejuice deals. These aren’t your run of the mill cheap vapes. We spotlight some of the best brands in the business, showcase exclusive e juice lines, and most importantly offer eliquid that doesn’t compromise on quality or craftsmanship yet is priced to compete with other cheap vape juice retailers.

Not necessarily looking for cheap vapes, but more interested in something different and unique? Our Online Exclusives page also spotlights some of the newest vape juice on the market today. From limited releases, to seasonal favorites, and all the way up to e juice that is exclusively sold by Giant Vapes, we aim to provide not only a great deal, but also introduce you to new lines and flavor profiles of vape juice you may not find anywhere else.

As a collective hive-mind of knowledgeable vapers, all of us here at Giant Vapes strive to ensure that everyone can experience the same benefits of vaping that we have. Our goal from the beginning has been to create a transparent and straightforward business that will ensure great pricing on all of our devices, accessories and vape juice. We’ve even gone above and beyond many other e juice suppliers, by creating a detailed and rigorous selection process to help ensure the quality of all eliquid products we carry. Why? Because we won’t settle for questionable practices, cutting corners, or skirting regulations.

Giant Vapes carries some of the biggest brand names in the vaping industry, including more than 100 tried and true e juice manufacturers. From Boosted Ejuice, to Primitive Vapor Co., to Charlie’s Chalk Dust, we have verified that all of these companies live up to their reputations. In addition, Giant Vapes is home to several online exclusives.

Don’t settle for e juice that is poorly crafted, just to save some money. Try something new, try something affordable and most of all, try something that’s been tried and selected by all of us here at Giant Vapes.