Nicotine Salts

Nicotine Salt Vape Juice, also known as Buffered Nicotine Juice or E-liquid, is intended for usage in low-wattage devices. Typically Higher in Concentration, Nic Salt E-liquid is perfect for both beginners who are trying to quit cigarettes, as well as experienced vapers who are looking for a more discrete vape.

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Salt Nic Juice

Salt Nic Juice at Giant Vapes Salt Nic Juice, also known as buffered nicotine, is vape juice intended for use in low powered mods only.

Salt nic is available today at Giant Vapes. Choose from tons of salt nicotine juices from hand-selected brands. We only carry Nic Salt Juice that we would vape ourselves!

How do I use Salt Nic?

Salt Nic Juice is traditionally only used in pod-style vapes; however, there are also tanks available that can handle Salt Nicotine now. Available traditionally in 25mg and 50mg, salt nic vape juice is used both by new vapers who are just dipping their toes into the vaping world, as well as seasoned veterans who have vaped for years. Vape salt nic juice today and see the difference! More discrete than traditional vape juice, salt nic vaping juice is able to deliver more nicotine with less vapor. For questions about salt nic, click the chat icon below! Thanks for looking at Salt Nic Juice at Giant Vapes!