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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Neckbeard's Juice




1. The bravest men and women of the internet. They are usually recognized as jobless, basement-dwelling, lonely, and by the perpetually smug facial expression. Neckbeards can outwit anyone on the internet using logic, science, reason, and memes. Empirical science is rarely used due to the fact that most Neckbeards are yet to complete that course in high school. Often associated with hobbies including card gaming, video gaming, anime, and making the best damn e-juice on the market.

CJ Hornbrook, a long time vaper, juice maker, and Neckbeard, founded Neckbeard's Juice in the summer of 2013 just outside of our nation’s capitol. After over 3 years of vaping nearly every new e-juice to hit the market, but never finding a true love, he decided to venture out of his mother’s basement and start crafting his own, high quality e-liquids.  

After countless hours of research, trial and error, sourcing the best USA-made ingredients possible, and tinkering with endless ratios and flavor combinations, he finally had mixed what he considered to be a few winners. After many responses of “Dude, I need a giant bottle of that stuff!” from his taste testers, Neckbeard's Juice was born, bringing unique, delicious, high quality e-juices, with a touch of humor.