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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Merkury founders Caleb Vannice and Jason Heim are among the wizened elders of the vape community, having started vaping in 2009. Based in Colorado, Caleb and Jason began dabbling with e-juice mixing for their own needs in 2010, and with 3 years of practice under their belt, started development of Merkury in early 2013.

Merkury rather inadvertently came into being like the ISOs from Tron - the conditions were right and she came alive; she was nourished by the friendship of the creators’ families. Vaping newly created e-liquid blends and discussing the subtleties and nuances thereof offered a welcome reprieve during countless hours spent discussing life’s trials and tribulations.  

This led to a revelation that became the mindset behind Merkury’s e-liquids: Vaping is the new coffee.  For millennia, people have met, talked, and related over a cup of joe. Today, vaping breathes new life into the art of conversation - a welcome notion in an ironically disconnected world.

As far as the inspiration for Caleb and Jason’s flavors is concerned, it’s quite simple. They’ve just been trying to make e-liquids that their wives will vape, with little success. Lucky for them, everyone else loves them.