Lost Vape


Lost Vape makes innovative, unique pod systems with sleek and beautiful designs, advanced internal chipsets and cutting-edge technology.

In 2014, the vape industry was still in its infancy. It was an open market, inviting an adventurous group of avid vapers and entrepreneurs to develop game changing devices with innovation and a unique vision. Rocky Guo was one of those innovators, and he established Lost Vape - a new brand of unique, high-end devices, designed with functionality, beauty, and ease of use in mind.

With a true passion for craftsmanship and engineering, every product from Lost Vape fuses unique visuals with cutting-edge technology to create an exclusive product line. “Action Secundum Fidei” (We act according to our beliefs) is the very essence of Lost Vape. With the belief that every product they design is a unique embodiment of a person’s identity and values, Lost Vape’s goal is to deliver an unprecedented user experience to every customer, and to let those values shine through their products. Driven by their passion, they have evolved from trend-followers to trend-setters.

With the idea of creating high-end vape products, Lost Vape decided to utilize an existing device as a reference. Taking aim at the Axis box mod by Ante Meridiem, they experimented with materials and designs to come up with something sufficiently different but equally as beautiful as the Axis. The Tan box mod powered by the YiHi chipset was born. In the years following the release of the Tan, Lost Vape mods would continue this trend of being classy and refined with an executive level appeal.

2018 has been the year of the vape pod system. At Lost Vape, they decided not to go with the flow, but to forge a new path in this ever-growing segment of devices. While others have been trying to flood the market with devices that in some ways have copied one another, they have  designed something revolutionary. The Orion DNA GO was this accomplishment. The first DNA chipset pod system available, the Orion has created a lot of noise and assured everyone that Lost Vape is always on top when it comes to innovation, design, and quality.

If there was ever a brand that really took the executive look to heart, Lost Vape would be it. They have created vaporizers for the kings of vaping. Devices packed with the high-end tech that everyone comes to expect these days, but with a classic design aesthetic akin to fine wines and expensive cigars. Vape in luxury with Lost Vape.