JuNo Vapor


JuNo Vapor products are true all-in-one vape systems. When you purchase a JuNo Kit, you’ll get a battery, charger, pods and e-liquid - ready to charge and vape without any fuss.

Developed and designed by Twelve Vapor and sometimes known as the Twelve Juno, the JuNo system became popular in 2016. Optimized for a balance of heat, airflow and vapor production, the JuNo battery and matching JuNo pods are paired to provide a precise and satisfying vape experience. Efficient and simple, the JuNo system is perfect for people who want to shift from using traditional tobacco products to e-cigarettes without dealing with lots of different products, settings, and processes, or for experienced vapers who want a simple on-the-go device.

The JuNo Kit is the ideal choice if you want a no-fuss, authentic all-in-one closed system vape.