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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Founded in 2007 and established in 2008, Joyetech is one of the longest running companies in the e-cigarette and vaping world. Joyetech began as a manufacturer and distributor of the reliable eGo series vape pen, designed for people looking to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and transition into the vaping scene with a simple starter kit. This reliable device cemented their overall mission of being at the forefront of vape technology - so much so that Joyetech has earned a reputation as the “Apple of e-cigs”.

In an effort to increase their international supply chain and continue to consistently provide reliable and innovative vaping products to US consumers, Joyetech USA launched in 2013. Even during this expansion, they continued the trend of producing some of the best vaporizers on the market and are to this day considered one of the premier brands for vaping and e-cigarettes. Because they did not lose their sense of innovation during this period of rapid growth, and rarely take inspiration from elsewhere, Joyetech has continued to be a sought-after brand in a market filled with countless competitors.

Each new vape pen, mod or coil they’ve created has been designed from the ground up with vapers’ needs and wants at the forefront. Ergonomic vape pen designs, traditionally shaped box mods, puff counters, wicked coils; almost every change in the vaping industry has some form of roots stemming from Joyetech.

This company is constantly innovating, and a lot of the advances seen throughout the vape industry today can be credited in part to Joyetech’s commitment to consistently improving the experience and functions of their products. Now that you’ve learned more about them, check out our selection of Joyetech vape pens and accessories. Vape with confidence from Joyetech and Giant Vapes.