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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Jimmy the Juice Man


Once upon a time, in the far, far away land of Chicago, there was a man…. a juice man…. named Jimmy. Jimmy was a vaper, and a discerning one at that. He loved really good e-juice…. premium e-juice…. but he had grown tired of getting bent over on prices for the good stuff.

So, Jimmy began making his own. Inspired by other juice men with their high price tags and terrible customer service, he began making premium e-liquid, but without the “premium” price tag. Jimmy quickly grew a mob of rabid followers, and before long he realized it was business time.  

Jimmy couldn’t keep up with demand, and feared his rabid mob of followers would soon become a torch and pitchfork wielding mob of followers, so he reached out to his giant friend.

And now Jimmy the Juice Man has come to Giant Vapes! It was a match made in heaven. Jimmy and the giant had similar mindsets. Provide people with dope e-juice, treat them the way the want to be treated, and save them money at the same time.