Jimmy the Juice Man


Jimmy the Juice Man is one of the biggest things to happen to the vaping world. Premium, affordable eliquid, the JTJM line is enjoyed by vapers worldwide.

When Jimmy started making eliquid in Chicago, it was as a juice connoisseur trying to find his perfect flavor. In his own quest to create the ultimate all-day-vape experience, Jimmy created several flavors that were so delicious, that he just couldn’t make enough. He’d finish a batch, and the bottles would be sold out in minutes. Back in 2014, a bottle of Shurb or Creme Brulee was a rare vape - amazingly tasty, definitely all-day-vapeable, but tough to come by.

Thankfully today, with the support of his fans and some of the best vape companies around, Jimmy the Juice Man’s eliquids are available all the time. You can enjoy your favorite, whether it’s one of his accurate fruit blends or his decadent dessert flavors, all day, every day. And of course, JTJM vapes are still proudly and responsibly made in the USA.