Five Pawns


Five Pawns takes craftsmanship and quality to a whole new level. Based in California, all Five Pawns e-liquids are made using only natural USP and food grade ingredients plus the highest quality, premium, pharmaceutical grade S-Isomer tobacco-free nicotine.

The S-Isomer tobacco-free nicotine used in Five Pawns eliquids is the purest form of nicotine and is made with minimal environmental impact, unlike nicotine derived from tobacco plants. This tobacco-free nicotine is also virtually tasteless, which means that these flavors have no harsh nicotine flavor and no need for added sweeteners.

All of Five Pawns’ flavorings are extracted from the highest quality ingredients, sourced either locally (in California) or domestically in the US. The bottle labels and tube packaging, like that of very high quality liquors and wines, displays the bottle number, batch, and “born-on” date.

Five Pawns’ complete lineup is composed of many complex flavors, but the original five flavors they released in 2012 were conceived to coincide with one of the five traditional tastes; sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (or savory). These five e-liquid flavors were developed and tweaked for over 6 months before the makers felt they had reached the level of perfection they wished to achieve.

The Orchard Blends premium fruit lines take the Five Pawns reputation for quality and care to the next level. Made with strict gravimetric weighing and manufacturing standards, no added Sucralose, and S-Isomer nicotine, these fruit e-liquids are in a class all their own.