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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

D'nish E-liquids


Raleigh, North Carolina-based D’nish E-liquids was created by a team of vaping veterans, Robert Kochis, Jacob Giverink, and RD Smith who spearheaded the project.

An e-liquid maker with over two years experience in the industry, RD decided to go all in with D’nish and attempt to tackle a popular flavor profile from many a bakery and pastry menu that had, until recently, never been successfully replicated in e-liquid, due to the difficult nature of working with cherry flavoring. The team behind D’nish also wanted to offer this premium blend at a reasonable price point in line with the new hardware trends in vaping that go through e-liquid much quicker than they once did.

The result after months of R&D (pardon the pun)? TOTAL CHERRY DOMINATION! A flavor that manages to replicate the experience of eating a warm cherry danish, without the nasty cough syrup taste often associated with cherry e-liquids.