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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Devices, Kits & Tanks

Purchasing a high-quality vape device can take your vaping experience from mediocre to out of this world, with some of the best vape devices featuring a full range of user controls, high-tech interface designs, and incredible performance capabilities. Instead of shopping with companies that stock cheaply-made, imitation vaping devices, browse Giant Vapes’ selection of premium, authentic products and find one that will do the job right. With a wide range of brands, styles, types, and price points, the Giant Vapes inventory of vape devices, kits, and tanks are a cut above the rest.

Thanks to the availability of many different types of vape devices, vapers with a wide range of preferences and vape styles can find the perfect match. To identify the best vaping device for you, first consider the differences between each type. The two most common types of vape devices are vape pens and vape mods.

Vape pens and AIO (all-in-one) devices are mid-sized e-cigarettes that offer a low to moderate amount of user control options. These devices have a smaller profile and smaller batteries so that you won't need to recharge as often and can carry your device easily in a pocket or purse. Vape pens are especially popular with people who are former heavy smokers, using vaping as a transition away from tobacco cigarettes. Another plus of most standard vape pens and AIO devices is that because they can be taken apart, you can replace a single part as needed, rather than purchasing an entirely new device. This structure also means that vapers can upgrade a device by using a mix-and-match approach to add premium parts.

Vape mods are the largest type of vaping device, and they allow a generous degree of user customization. A large battery provides increased power in comparison to a smaller vape pen. You will see vape mods in two different shapes: in a rectangular “box” shape, or in a slimmer tubular design. For most vapers, a vape mod is the device that they graduate to after some time using a vape pen. Because vape mods are a more complex device, they do require a bit more knowledge and experience to operate properly. Users have the option to customize elements such as the voltage, temperature, amount of eliquid used, and more.

Giant Vapes stocks a range of vape devices, vape kits, vape tanks, and vape coils for you to choose from, including options from big brands like SMOK, Suorin, HorizonTech, and Tobeco among many others.

If you are new to vaping, it is worth taking the time to learn a little bit about the different devices, options, and features. This will allow you to make a more informed selection when you are choosing your device. Starter kits are especially recommended for new vapers, as they provide you with everything you need to get started, plus kits and bundles can save you some serious cash!

Unlike many other vaping companies, Giant Vapes operates on a guiding principle that seeks to consistently provide customers with the best possible experience, from browsing and purchasing, to exceptional real-live customer service. This sets us apart from many other websites in the vaping industry, and has earned us a devoted customer following. This dedication to our customers is what makes Giant Vapes different, and it is why you should make us your first and last choice for all your vaping needs. When you shop at Giant Vapes, you should feel confident about every purchase you make!