Cyclops Vapor


There is no better representation of the approach this e-juice team takes to their craft than the mythical Cyclops, the one-eyed giant who forged Zeus’ weapon on Olympus. He symbolizes all they stand for: Passion, skill, strength, craftsmanship.

Rather than pump out a huge variety of e-liquid flavors, Cyclops takes months to develop each flavor, balancing ingredients, testing flavor notes, testing with the full spectrum of available devices on the market, and ensuring that each juice is absolutely perfect before it is released.

In Greek mythology, there is a finite number of gods. Each being unique, and integral to the success of the pantheon. Cyclops’ e-liquids are treated the same way, with each representing a key piece of the e-juice pantheon, each perfect in their own way, and each painstakingly perfected using only the highest quality ingredients available.