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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cotto's Revenge


Founded in 2013 and based in southern Arizona, Cotto’s Revenge creator, Joe Cotto, began vaping when he was introduced to the concept of “dripping”.  It seemed complicated, yet sophisticated, and intrigued him as a complex, unique way to end his smoking habit.

It didn’t take long before he set out on a mission to find a flavor that would appease both he and his wife’s specific flavor desires.  After much searching to no avail, Joe began creating his own e-liquids, focusing on rich, unique flavors, and eventually bringing southern-style aging techniques into the mix.  Soon after, their flagship flavor Bourbon Custard was born.  The demand grew quickly among his friends, family, and the vaping community, so Cotto’s Revenge grew with the demand, now offering a full line of premium e-juice flavors.

Inspired by his love for American history, Joe’s e-liquid crafting utilizes aging techniques born in distilleries during the prohibition era.  Every juice in the line is oak barrel aged for 2 weeks before bottling, giving each flavor a unique finish, and ensuring that they are properly steeped and ready for vaping fresh out of the bottle.

Despite the use of these unique aging techniques combined with the highest quality ingredients available on the market, Cotto’s Revenge is committed to not only raising the bar for quality, but doing so while providing their e-liquids at an affordable price for consumers.