Charlie Noble


The Charlie Noble eliquid line was developed by the seasoned mixologists at Charlie Noble E-Liquid Trading Company. They entered the vaping industry in 2011, starting with Vape Dojo, and later adding Charlie Noble. The Charlie Noble line is made in a laboratory environment in Baltimore, MD and is produced using the highest quality PG, VG, flavoring and nicotine, using cGMP practices.

The crew behind Charlie Noble are vapers first and foremost, with a commitment to serving the vape community. This commitment fuels their desire to bring a high quality, complex, and interesting e-juice line to life.

Charlie Noble has quickly taken the e-liquid market by storm with incredibly accurate flavors ranging from dessert favorites like Charlie’s Custard and Neptune’s Nectar, all the way up to complex tobacco flavors such as Tripoli, Pistachio RY4, and Sollers Pointe.