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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Brother's Reserve


Brother’s Reserve was founded in 2013 by the brothers Lieb (PJ and Chris), with the help of their family. To them, Brother’s Reserve isn’t just about the “Brothers”.  It’s about the whole family… the extended family… the vaping community.  

In 2011, brother PJ quit smoking in favor of e-cigarettes.  Seeing these devices daily attracted brother Chris to do the same.  In February of 2013, with the guidance of his doctor, the brothers’ father, Paul, would also quit an over 40 year smoking habit.

At this point, brother PJ was already mixing his own e-liquids.  This gave brother Chris the inspiration to begin experimenting in mixing as well.  After not too long, their first combined effort was born, which later became Brother’s Reserve’s very first flavor, Ultra Violet.  Based on the extreme positive feedback they received, Chris came up with the idea to form an e-juice company.  With existing recipes in hand, having already been thoroughly tested by friends and family, Brother’s Reserve was born.

Using the highest quality ingredients available, strict mixing environments, and the test palates of each of their family members and friends lead to a collection of delicious flavors that you’re sure to enjoy. Each of those flavors is inspired by, and named for, as specific family member of the Brothers.  Bass Note, for example, was inspired by the Brothers’ father, an accomplished rock and jazz bassist.

When you vape these e-liquids, keep in mind that they are developed by family, for family.

Welcome to the family.