Big Willie's


Big Willie’s Ejuice was named after and created by Willie Zollicoffer. Like many vapers, Willie realized early on that he wasn’t satisfied with the eliquid flavors available to him. He decided to become more self-reliant and began creating his own DIY flavors. Big Willie felt like he really nailed a few mixes and shared them with his friends, who immediately fell in love - especially with his custard flavor.

Big Willie’s Custard became one of the most popular juices available in just a couple of months. Its bold, rich, creamy custard flavor, blended with both vanilla and butterscotch is one mouthwatering concoction. It’s easy to see why it developed such a huge following in such a short amount of time.

Willie has since added more eliquids to his line. Flavors like Hawaiian Cookie, a coconut and pineapple cookie blend, and the intense blend of sweet cream and citrus in Pooty Tang, have done nothing but impress with each and every vape.

Try a bottle of Big Willie’s ejuice today, and you’ll find that new all-day-vape you’ve been looking for. Available here at Giant Vapes.