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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Beantown Vapor


Founded back in 2009, Beantown Vapor started as, and will always be, a collaboration between the Beantown Brew Masters, and the Vapesphere. They are a small operation from Boston (if the name didn’t give that away) and that’s just the way they like it.

Their e-liquids are mixed in micro-batches, with unparalleled attention to detail, an absurd research and development process, and an emphasis on high-quality, well-balanced, unique flavor profiles. All of Beantown’s e-juices are 30PG/70VG, and well known for giant flavor, giant clouds, and silky smoothness.

Even though Beantown uses the same, if not better, top shelf ingredients and expert mixing techniques as other premium e-liquid manufacturers, and despite their recent explosion in popularity, they remain committed to keeping their 30ml bottles priced well below the competition. This is a testament to their love of vaping and the vaping community.