BANTAM Salts are ultra smooth nicotine salt e-liquids made with PyriSalt premium nicotine salt base, with optimized balance and no harshness.

BANTAM Vape makes artisanal e-liquids and nicotine salt vape flavors with the utmost care. All BANTAM liquids are developed in certified clean rooms and are rigorously tested and analyzed so every bottle is perfect. The chemists and flavor experts who develop and manufacture these liquids have over 60 years combined experience, and every single batch is tested for quality, proven with the proprietary SENTRI track & trace system exclusive to the BANTAM brand.

Only the best ingredients go into BANTAM Salts, from each flavoring element to the nicotine base itself. Scientifically developed to deliver ultimate flavor and maximize quality on a molecular level, PyriSalt nicotine base provides you with a refined and balanced vape liquid so you get all the flavor you expect from your juice.

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