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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Purchasing a new vape device can be challenging. At Giant Vapes we strive to help you find which device is right for you. Here is everything you need to know when considering the purchase of a new vape box mod.

While there are many types of vape mods out there, the box mod vape has become the most popular personal vaping device on the market. Unlike pen-style e cigs and mods, box mods are designed with a box-like shape, which allows for more batteries to be included within the device. This ultimately means more power and a longer vape duration.

With so many advancements in the industry, purchasing a new box mod or vape box mod kit gives you the ability to customize your vaping experience. Temperature control, for example, allows vapers to control the temperature that the atomizer on their vape box will heat to. Wattage control allows vapers to set their box mod to deliver more or less vapor. Vaping mods in the pen and pod categories are built for discreteness and compactness, but the vape box mod has its own benefits. Vapers often choose box mods when they are seeking larger vapor intake, longer battery life, and more control over the settings of the device.

The greatest benefit of the vape box mod is the ability to access more power. Box mods vary in wattages with some reaching up to 220 watts. Vapers who want bigger vape intake and increased vapor production tend to prefer box vaporizer mods since they have more power than other device types. Box mod vape devices also take larger batteries than other types of vaping mods. As a result, these devices often have a much longer battery life, allowing vapers to enjoy many more vaping sessions before needing to recharge. Last, but not least, one of the best box mod vape benefits is the ability to control each and every use. With wattage and/or temperature control, vapers can choose exactly how much vapor their device will produce. Some devices allow users to select their screen color, set a maximum number of puffs, set the softness of each pull and much much more.

Giant Vapes only offers the best box mods on the market and we are sure that whatever vape box mod kit or device you choose, you will love it.