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X Marks the Spot



Created by the OPMH project, X Marks the Spot brings you a collaboration of two of the vape industries top e-liquid makers who developed the line with one goal in mind:  Create the most accurate, all-day-vape-able cereal e-liquids possible.

Each flavor in the X Marks the Spot line was developed to taste as close to eating the real thing out of the box as possible, sans milk.  Mission accomplished.



  • X Marks the Spot - Berried Treasure ejuice bottle
    Berried Treasure

    We stole our favorite Captain’s crunchy, fruity, berry cereal, and just a bit of his crunchy, sweet gold.  ...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • X Marks the Spot - Bullion ejuice bottle

    We opened the chest expecting to find a king’s ransom in gold.  Well, the crunchy corn balls we did find w...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • X Marks the Spot - Loot ejuice bottle

    Aye, matey.  You’ll not find a more delicious, accurate mixed fruit ring cereal in all yer travels at sea....

    $24.99 Choose Options