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White Horse



Founded in the wee tiny state of Rhode Island, White Horse is bringing a new concept to the vaping world: High-End Disposables.

While most disposable devices come in only poor quality tobacco and menthol flavors, White Horse disposables are filled with high quality, all natural, USA-made e-liquids.  Not only that, but the devices are assembled in the USA as well.  White Horse truly takes the “gas station e-cig” concept and throws it out the window, changing the game with their level of quality.

White Horse disposables are a perfect product to introduce smokers to vaping, or for vapers who don’t want to carry a bulky device around when on the go.

Now available from White Horse, for more advanced vapers that have moved on from disposables, comes White Horse premium eliquids, all crafted with the same quality standards as the eliquids used in the White Horse disposables that have changed the disposable electronic cigarette game forever.


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