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Vop Sauce



Joseph “Jelly Joe” Young and Patrick “Kale Sauce” Read, two professors from a music college in St. Louis, were inspired to create Vop Sauce both by their families and their music.  Joe, having lost his father to lung cancer in 2014 helped convert Patrick to vaping in late 2015.

Their partnership began with music with the pair mixing DIY flavors during breaks from studio sessions. Once they realized they had a knack for the craft, they incorporated in early 2016 and began manufacturing their best flavors for a few local shops.  The brand was extremely well received resulting in them quitting their day jobs shortly thereafter.

Fun fact:  “Vop” was a nickname the two gave their vape breaks at work.  “Wanna go vop?” and “Do you even vop, bro” were common phrases between the two, and the name eventually stuck.


  • Vop Sauce - 8th Wonder ejuice bottle
    8th Wonder

    A delightfully juicy blend of mixed fruits cascading over a rich, creamy yogurt parfait.   Primary Flavors: &n...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Vop Sauce - Bananaloupe ejuice bottle

    Ripe bananas and cream blended with perfectly sweet, juicy cantaloupe. Unique and refreshing. Fun to say, great to va...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Vop Sauce - Kramble ejuice bottle

    A tart, warm cranberry crumble with a scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream. Just like grandma used to vape.  ...

    $24.99 Choose Options