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Founded by Illinois-based music and sci-fi connoisseur Shukri Yanni (he may actually be an alien, for what it’s worth), Transistor was officially created in January 2015 after about a year of tinkering and mixing.

Shukri was working at a pharmaceutical lab at the time of Transistor’s birth, and worked closely with his coworker, a former flavor chemist for a Fortune 100 company, to hone his craft.  Oddly enough, his intentions were never to create a business.  He wanted to develop the best possible e-liquid flavor for himself and his friends.  It didn’t take long before the demand exploded, and he was forced to ramp up production.

Transistor has since developed a huge following of fans, with many more sure to come.  The Invasion is Imminent.


  • Transistor - #BabyClouds ejuice bottle

    A Transistor fan favorite, #Babyclouds blends a nutty vanilla custard with a sweet strawberry swirl.   Primary...

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  • Transistor - Boo ejuice bottle

    A spookily familiar blueberry cereal, carefully handcrafted for the Transistor Blue Label line.   Primary Flav...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • Transistor - Foster ejuice bottle

    From the Transistor Blue line, this creamy caramelized banana flavor with a soft rum exhale is a spot-on Bananas Fost...

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  • Transistor - Hunnid K ejuice bottle
    Hunnid K

    Creamy, caramel-coated peanut butter, with light pistachio undertones.  If you want to feel like a million bucks...

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  • Transistor - NectoChill ejuice bottle

    Runner-up in the Best Menthol E-liquid category at Vape Showcase Atlanta 2017, NectoChill starts with their best-sell...

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  • Transistor - NectoSphere ejuice bottle

    A sweet, refreshing explosion of citrus goodness, Nectosphere blends juicy oranges with sweet, ripe nectarines in per...

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  • Transistor - Respek ejuice bottle

    Sweet, creamy Maraschino cherries are expertly blended with roasted almonds to create a delectable cherry vape with z...

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