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Time Bomb Vapors


Time Bomb Vapors is brought to us by the same e-liquid veteran team that brought us Buckshot Vapors, which took the industry by storm back in 2013.

Realizing that the reception of these initial e-juices was unparalleled within the industry, Buckshot founders Greg and Alena decided to develop another line, but by this time, their vision had progressed; rather than following the models set forth by the handful of other successful juice-makers in the industry, the duo strived to manufacture something that would shatter the mold. Infusing Greg’s life-long passion for the Southern California skate culture, Alena’s love of the punk rock music scene, and their ever-evolving role in the vaping industry, the couple produced a new breed of e-juice: Time Bomb Vapors. Much like its predecessor, Time Bomb was lauded by every type of vaper, from beginners to hobbyists, and quickly developed a strong following within the vaping market. Despite the rapidly-changing nature of the industry and trends that seem to pass as quickly as they appear, both lines continue to thrive to this day.


  • Time Bomb Vapors - Fuse ejuice bottle

    A mouthwatering, refreshing blend of sweet strawberry and fresh, juicy watermelon.   Primary Flavors:  St...

    $21.99 Choose Options
  • Time Bomb Vapors - Pixy ejuice bottle

    A spot-on, sweet, grape e-liquid representation of those nostalgic, powdery, straw-encased treats you remember so fon...

    $21.99 Choose Options
  • Time Bomb Vapors - TNT ejuice bottle

    A sweet, clean blend of ripe strawberry, crisp apples, and juicy peaches.   Primary Flavors:  Strawberry,...

    $21.99 Choose Options
  • Time Bomb Vapors - TNT Ice ejuice bottle
    TNT Ice

    Time Bomb’s famous TNT flavor, with a refreshing, cool menthol twist.   Primary Flavors:  Strawberr...

    $21.99 Choose Options