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The Originals



In 2012 three companies changed the vape industry forever, pioneering the “premium e-liquid” movement: Mr. Good Vape, Black Label, and Jameson’s (Now Jackson’s)/The Standard Vape.  Some might even call them The Original premium e-liquid manufacturers.

Now in June of 2015, three pioneers from these game-changing ejuice companies are rewriting the script once again.  The Originals themselves, Lonnie, Chris, and David, original founding members of Jackson Vapor Co./The Standard Vape, Mr. Good Vape, and Black Label respectively, have combined their efforts to create another game-changing eliquid line, The Originals.

The Originals boasts a level of craftsmanship and sophistication never before seen in the vape industry, combining unique, proprietary extracts, ground-breaking creativity, months of research and development, and a state of the art mixing facility to create an eliquid line that sets a new standard for the vape industry.

Every single flavor is a strong contender, with no weak link in the chain.  Each flavor in The Originals’ juice line boasts flavor so vibrant and complex, the vape experience is akin to the culinary experience one might have at a Michelin star restaurant, yet none of the flavors overwhelm the palate.  Forget ADV (All Day Vapes), The Originals are ALV (All Life Vapes).


  • The Originals - Creamfields e-Juice

    Creamfields tastes just like you would imagine.  Backed by a collaboration of veteran juice makers and connoisse...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • The Originals - The Garden e-Juice
    The Garden

    Madison Square Garden, located deep in the heart of Manhattan, is one of the world’s most premier, luxury venue...

    $22.00 Out of stock
  • The Originals - The Shrine e-Juice
    The Shrine

    Serving as a home to some of Hollywood’s most famous movie sets and countless live performances, including the ...

    $22.00 Out of stock