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The Neighborhood E-liquid


Founded by eliquid mixing veterans of 3 years Brandon and Kevin in late 2015, Southern California-based The Neighborhood E-liquid was inspired by the principles instilled in them by their urban upbringing.

Those principles were brought to life in their e-liquids with flavors that are bold, unique, and push boundaries.  Their brand and flavors are designed to make a statement with that uniqueness, encouraging individuality and freedom.


  • Family

    A freshly baked donut, filled with sweet cinnamon ice cream, them coated in a caramel drizzle.   Primary Flavo...

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  • The Neighborhood E-liquid - Honor ejuice bottle

    Sugary sweet rock candy, subtle strawberry, what’s not to like?   Primary Flavors:  Strawberry, Roc...

    $19.99 Choose Options
  • The Neighborhood E-liquid - Respect ejuice

    Sweet and refreshing, Respect blends fresh guava with ripe, mixed berries and light undertones of green apple.  ...

    $19.99 Choose Options
  • The Neighborhood E-liquid - Trust ejuice

    Sweet green tea infused with succulent passion fruit juice.   Primary Flavors:  Green Tea, Passion Fruit ...

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