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Teleos Juice is the brainchild of two people 1500 miles apart.  Their goal is to create the most complete e-liquid flavor experience imaginable.  Often experimenting with unlikely and unusual flavor combinations, or attempting to perfect absurdly complex flavors, the makers of Teleos take their time to test juices across the entire flavor spectrum.  Each e-juice’s flavor pre- and post-steeping, how each flavor behaves along the power band, and the best atomizers available to bring out each flavor’s subtle notes, are all included in the flavor development process.

Discarding far more than they keep, the flavors that make it through Teleos’ rigorous testing gauntlet represent the pinnacle of their experimentation.  They make no compromise with ingredients, sourcing only the absolute highest quality, US-made, ingredients.

  • Teleos Cloud Science - Alpha ejuice bottle

    Cloud Science owes its existence to this flavor.  Alpha’s subtle glaze, and perky sweetness ride alongside...

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  • Teleos - Cloud Science - Beta bottle e-Liquid

    Beta delivers a basket full of fruits you wouldn’t expect to arrive together.  Most notably, you’ll ...

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  • Teleos - Bits eliquid bottle

    Teleos was at this one for a while.  They had the first iteration at their Vape Summit booth in 2014.  Near...

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  • Teleos - Boo by Teleos eliquid bottle
    Boo by Teleos

    When Teleos created Crunch, the plan was for all of Breakfast at Teleos to become variants on a theme. After countles...

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  • Teleos Remixed - Chewy e-Juice bottle

    This one was tough for us. We've wanted to do something with yogurt for a while, but not a tart yogurt. Rather, we wa...

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  • Teleos - Crunch eliquid bottle

    The first in Teleos’ “Breakfast at Teleos” e-juice series, Crunch is a surprisingly accurate recrea...

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  • Teleos Milks - Custard ejuice bottle
    Custard by Teleos

    "Hey, Teleos, do a custard!"  They have literally been hearing that since Nightfall released. Well, here it is....

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  • Teleos - Cloud Science - Delta bottle e-Liquid

    The sweetest of the Cloud Science line by Teleos, Delta can be most accurately described as cobbler filling.  Te...

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  • Teleos - Dusk bottle e-Juice

    Teleos knew they wanted to create an ice cream flavor.  After months of experimentation, they realized that flav...

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  • Teleos - Eight Bells ejuice bottle
    Eight Bells

    Sometimes e-liquids produce not only a delicious flavor, but also a pleasant aroma.  This is the case with Eight...

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  • Teleos - Experiment One eliquid bottle
    Experiment One

    This flavor is a little piece of Teleos history.  In 2013, before Teleos even had a name, they tried to create a...

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  • Teleos - Cloud Science - Gamma ejuice bottle

    The very definition of succulence in e-liquid form.  Gamma takes ripe, juicy mango, pairs it masterfully with sw...

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  • Teleos Milks - Honeydew Milkshake ejuice bottle
    Honeydew Milkshake

    Honeydew Milkshake was a bit of an accident. Not like Experiment One where Teleos were aiming to make something entir...

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  • Teleos Milks - Liquid S’mores ejuice bottle
    Liquid S’mores

    Contrary to what one may assume, none of these flavors started out as solid. Teleos sought out the finest liquid toas...

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  • Teleos Milks - Mango Lassi ejuice bottle
    Mango Lassi

    Once upon a time this drink was considered exotic,  but these days there's an Indian restaurant in every large, ...

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  • Teleos - Nightfall bottle e-Liquid

    A carefully blended, extremely complex mix of White Grape and Cantaloupe, with a touch of Absinthe, and hints of many...

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  • Teleos Remixed - Pound Cake e-Juice bottle
    Pound Cake

    Because you didn't walk into that coffee shop for coffee. This is a remix not of one of our own juices, but rather, t...

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  • Teleos - The Afterparty bottle
    The Afterparty

    Teleos has literally been working on this flavor for two years. Nearly one hundred iterations in,  we were final...

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  • Teleos - The Cookie eliquid bottle
    The Cookie

    One of our favorite and (much to our chagrin) calorie-packed foods is cookie butter. If we could eat it all day, we w...

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  • Teleos Remixed - The Hotel Lobby e-Juice bottle
    The Hotel Lobby

    As the classic poet said: "Then after the show, it's the after party; And after the party, it's the hotel lobby" Tel...

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