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Tasty Vapes Cookie Co.



Spearheaded by one of the OPMH Project’s cookie specialists, Tasty Vapes Cookie Co. offers a selection of deliciously authentic, fresh-baked, cookie treats taking inspiration ranging from mama’s homemade goodies to gourmet European classics.  Warm, fresh, and no oven mitts required.


  • Tasty Vapes Cookie Co. - Caramel Cookie ejuice bottle
    Caramel Cookie

    A warm, fresh-baked sugar cookie, drizzled with the perfect amount of sweet, gooey caramel.   Primary Flavors:...

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  • Tasty Vapes Cookie Co. - Kuchen ejuice bottle

    An American twist on the German Lebkuchen, a popular dessert treat hybrid that’s somewhere between a cake and a...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Tasty Vapes Cookie Co. - Sugar Cookie ejuice bottle
    Sugar Cookie

    Sometimes delicious doesn’t need to be complicated.  It’s accurate and exactly what you’d expe...

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