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Created by Saveurvape, the Southern California-based company behind The Standard, SVRF brings simple flavors that surprise your palate with complexity and delight. The flavors have been lovingly designed as all-day-vapes and are now widely available for worldwide enjoyment.


  • SVRF - Balanced ejuice bottle with coconut and water splash

    A sweet, savory blend of coconuts and cream.   Primary Flavors:  Coconut, Cream   PG/VG Ratio: &nb...

    $21.99 Choose Options
  • SVRF - Divine ejuice bottle with strawberries

    A luscious cream tart topped with ripe, fresh strawberries.   Primary Flavors:  Cream, Pastry, Strawberry...

    $21.99 Choose Options
  • SVRF - Refreshing ejuice bottle with mango, cantaloupe and papaya fruit

    A melon-tastic blend of sweet mango, savory papaya, and juicy cantaloupe.   Primary Flavors:  Mango, Papa...

    $21.99 Choose Options
  • SVRF - Satisfying ejuice bottle with dragon fruit and raspberries

    A fruity, refreshing raspberry and dragon fruit-infused iced tea.   Primary Flavors:  Raspberry, Dragon F...

    $21.99 Choose Options
  • SVRF - Sublime by SVRF ejuice bottle with lemon pastries
    Sublime by SVRF

    A fresh-baked, perfectly balanced lemon pastry. You’ll swear it came from the shop down the street.   Pr...

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  • SVRF - Tempting ejuice bottle with blueberries and churros

    A hot, fresh churro stuffed with tart, fruity blueberry compote.   Primary Flavors:  Churro, Blueberry &...

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