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Suicide Bunny



Suicide Bunny is a premium US made e-juice line.  The creator of these beautifully crafted e-liquids is dedicated to raising the bar and providing an e-juice experience that will please both novice and expert vapers.  Suicide Bunny’s inspiration for her e-juice craft is twofold:  She was a frustrated customer with a cabinet full of e-liquid that she just could not vape, and felt as though she could elevate crafting e-juice to an artform.  Based in Texas, Suicide Bunny e-juices use only the best ingredients, and they give complex flavor that will leave you wanting more.


  • Suicide Bunny - Clique eliquid bottle

    It’s a creamy, fruity menthol blend that you have to try to believe. Picture your favorite summer fruits, toppe...

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  • Suicide Bunny - Derailed e-Liquid bottle

    Derailed is certainly a wicked concoction!  This e-juice has a snickerdoodle cookie base with a sweet, cinnamon ...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Suicide Bunny - Madrina e-Juice bottle

    It has been rumored that Madrina is the favorite juice of the Suicide Bunny e-juice maker.  This e-liquid has a ...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Suicide Bunny - Mother's Milk e-Liquid bottle
    Mother's Milk

    This juice is a complex blend of flavors.  It has been described as a creamy custard with a sweet strawberry exh...

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  • Suicide Bunny - Mother's Milk & Cookies ejuice bottle
    Mother’s Milk & Cookies

    Mother’s Milk & Cookies is a cookie twist on the flavor that changed the eliquid game, and is a creamy blen...

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  • Suicide Bunny - Queen Cake eliquid bottle
    Queen Cake

    Most people are familiar with the rich, delicious flavor of a king cake.  Now everyone can enjoy Pip’s tak...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Suicide Bunny - Sucker Punch e-Juice bottle
    Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch is far more than an ordinary fruit vape.  It contains a cream base with notes of fruit peeking out ...

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  • Suicide Bunny - The O.B. e-Liquid bottle
    The O.B.

    The Original Bunny, or The O.B. for short, is a mouthwatering, complex blend of rich, clean cream flavors.  Some...

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  • Suicide Bunny - Wanderlust eliquid bottle

    With a desire to create the best dessert vape around, Suicide Bunny researched desserts from around the world.  ...

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