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The benevolent Archwizard Quidle’s finest creation, the Straw-Bear is a tame beast.  Manifested by Quidle to serve as his friend and familiar, the Straw-Bear is half bear, half strawberry, and 100% gummy.  When not spending time with his wizard friend, he gleefully bounds through the forest, searching for his favorite food… HUMANS… just kidding.  He loves honey.  

He is the inspiration for this delicious, spot-on, strawberry flavored, bear shaped gummy treat.  Pay close enough attention and you might even taste notes of his favorite food while you vape it.


  • Straw-Bear - Straw-Bear ejuice bottle

    A creature born of powerful magic… half bear, half strawberry, 100% gummy… He may look grumpy, but he&r...

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