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Sno Drone



Sno Drone founder Kyle Ellis began his vape journey in 2014, in an effort to move away from using cigarettes, and found out quickly that the e-cigarette community’s encouragement and support made his goal - to replace traditional tobacco products with vaping - achievable. Only a few months after starting vaping, Kyle began working on creating some of his own flavors. His background as a musician and entrepreneur was a perfect fit for both the creative and business aspects of starting an e-liquid company.

Now based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Kyle and his co-creator, Patrick Wilkenloh, produce the Sno Drone line. Inspired by their favorite local snow cone treats (depending on where you live, you might call these shaved ice or “snowballs”), Kyle and Patrick perfected their flavor-packed, all-day-vapeable fruit blends not only for their own enjoyment, but to give some unique and exciting flavor concepts back to the vaping community that helped them along when they began using e-cigarettes.


  • Sno Drone - Cycone ejuice bottle

    Bright and exotic, Cycone blends tangy blue raspberry, juicy pomegranate and tropical passion fruit into the most ref...

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  • Sno Drone - Hurricone ejuice bottle

    Sour, tangy and bursting with berries, this is a perfect, melt-in-your mouth strawberry, raspberry and cranberry sno ...

    $24.99 Choose Options