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SMAX E-Liquid

SMAX E-Liquid


SMAX E-Liquid, formerly known as SMAX Juice, is back in a big way. Originally founded by Canadian-born Tyra Pham in sunny Southern California, SMAX is currently based out of Benicia, California and was inspired by both Tyra’s desire for clean, hygenic, max VG flavors and her drive to create something new - the first e-liquid line bottled in airless pump bottles. Unfortunately, those airless pumps are no longer available, but SMAX is still using the highest quality ingredients available on the market and convenient dripper bottles. Her flavors are #smackingood and carefully designed so that there’s a timeless, authentic blend for everyone. You want a bakery flavor? Try Mafia Princess. You want something fruity? Have some Lick it! You want a hybrid? Check out Pony On Acid. In addition to offering a broad range of flavors, Tyra named each blend in honor of someone special in her life, so each delicious flavor is a tribute not only to a passion for excellence, but to the individuals who inspired and supported the creator.


  • SMAX E-Liquid - Good Vibes ejuice bottle with pineapple, mango and orange fruit
    Good Vibes

    A chilled fruit juice with a splash of pineapple, a swirl of passion fruit, and everything made in paradise.   ...

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  • SMAX E-Liquid - Lick It! ejuice bottle with peach fruit and fresh cream
    Lick It!

    Ripe, luscious peach slices topped in a rich, lightly sweetened cream.   Primary Flavors:  Peaches, Cream...

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  • SMAX E-Liquid - Mafia Princess ejuice bottle with tiramisu cake and espresso cream
    Mafia Princess

    Rich Italian cake drenched in espresso, layered with whipped cream.   Primary Flavors:  Tiramisu, Cake, ...

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  • SMAX E-Liquid - Pony on Acid ejuice bottle with strawberry fruit
    Pony on Acid

    A blend of magical berries laced with a euphoric strawberry glaze.   Primary Flavors:  Berries, Strawberr...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • SMAX E-Liquid - Sammie Puffs ejuice bottle with graham cracker and creamy chocolate treats
    Sammie Puffs

    Golden graham crackers squished in chocolate kisses and fluffy marshmallow clouds.   Primary Flavors:  Gr...

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  • SMAX E-Liquid - She’s a Dime ejuice bottle with lime cake and lemon
    She’s a Dime

    A dreamy lime cake pop drizzled in a creamy lemon sauce.   Primary Flavors:  Lime Cake, Lemon Drizzle &n...

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