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Slam Cake

Slam Cake.  The flavor that started the buzz.  The eliquid that took Vape Summit Houston 2015 by storm.  A combination of flavors so unusual, so surreal, that every person who tastes it says it tastes like something completely different:  Everything from sprinkle-infused cake or cake pops to fruit candy cake or pineapple upside down cake.  The truth is, Slam Cake is all of those things and more.  

Created by combining nearly every one of the Slam Cake mixologists’ favorite desserts, Slam Cake is an amalgamation of flavors unlike anything ever seen before:  A perfect example of the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” .  If you could “slam” every cake dessert ever made into one little e-liquid bottle, this would be the result:  An ejuice that tastes different at every temperature, on every device, to every palate, yet is somehow delicious in all cases.


Primary Flavors:  Strawberry, Cake, Confetti, Unicorns


PG/VG Ratio:  30% PG / 70% VG


Bottle Sizes:  60ml

Bottle Type:  Plastic Dripper Bottle with Child-Resistant Cap

Slam Cake Vapes
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