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Simply E-Juice



Ohio-based Simply E-juice started like many other juice companies. Steve Manley, the founder and a vaper of 2 years, began dabbling with DIY e-liquid mixing in 2013, and discovered he had quite the knack for it. Shortly after local store owners who had sampled his wares began contacting him and asking to sell his liquids in-store. Thus, Simply E-juice was born.

Now operated by Steve, his fellow juice maker Kari Buckoski, and a closely knit group of family/friends, Simply E-juice operates on the principles that their name implies. They keep it simple. Not to say their juices aren’t complex, but Simply E-juice focuses on making high-quality, clean, delicious juices, all in Max VG blends, without overcomplicating things.

Now available online exclusively at Giant Vapes, once you try Simply E-juice, we’re certain you’ll have the same reaction as everyone who’s tried them: “Simply delicious!”


  • Simply E-Juice - Contagious Cafe ejuice bottle
    Contagious Cafe

    Based on the most famous traditional dessert of Northern Italy, Tiramisu, Contagious Cafe blends a pinch of rich coco...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Copious Crunch ejuice bottle
    Copious Crunch

    The ultimate fruity breakfast cereal blend, Copious Crunch from Simply E-juice will remind you of the old days of Sat...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Envious Elvis ejuice bottle
    Envious Elvis

    So delicious it will make your lip curl, Envious Elvis is, you guessed it, a blend of smooth, creamy peanut butter an...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Glorious Grape ejuice bottle
    Glorious Grape

    Grape candy you’ll remember from your youth, blended with a secret mix of other treats, culminate in a surprisi...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Luscious Lemonade ejuice bottle
    Luscious Lemonade

    Sharp, tangy lemons blend with ripe strawberries and the perfect amount of sweetness in this ultra-refreshing lemonad...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Mysterious Medley eliquid bottle
    Mysterious Medley

    Mysterious Medley, the newest flavor from Simply E-juice, blends a mixed berry taffy with a few mysterious, secret in...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Serious Sherbert ejuice bottle
    Serious Sherbet

    Fresh from the freezer and into your atomizer, Serious Sherbet is Simply Ejuice’s take on rainbow sherbet, blen...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Tenacious Toast ejuice bottle
    Tenacious Toast

    Sweet cream, a dash of bakery cinnamon, light pastry notes, and a splash of sweet maple syrup blend together in what ...

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