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Based out of Denver, Colorado, Sicboy Industries was created in the summer of 2014 by Kevin “Sicboy” Kirkpatrick and Dave King, best friends of 13 years.  Kevin had been vaping since e-cigarettes first hit the market many years ago, with Dave following suit, and after some push from their friend Cory from Boosted, they decided to apply their experience to the e-liquid market.

With names inspired by Sicboy’s sick sense of humor (hence his nickname), and flavors inspired by their favorite foods, Kevin and Dave worked diligently to create high-end e-liquids that truly showcased their passion for vaping and the vaping community.

After months of long nights experimenting, tweaking, and a great deal of trial and error, the Sicboy team came out on the other side with 3 flavors that have exploded onto the vaping scene with a great deal of fanfare.

Using only the best ingredients available, Sicboy e-liquids are all designed to be “all day vapes”, and never tire the palate.  Isn’t it time you got down with the Sicness?


  • Sicboy - Catatonic e-Juice bottle new label

    What do you get when you take the delicious, crunchy, cinnamony crumbles from the top of a cobbler, and use them as t...

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  • Sicboy - Deviant e-Juice bottle new label

    You know how every cherry eliquid you’ve tried tastes like cough syrup?  Not anymore!  Sicboy knocked...

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  • Sicboy - Entropy ejuice bottle

    Didn't think Sicboy could get any... Sic-er? Then you haven't tried Entropy, the first flavor of the Sicboy Private R...

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  • Sicboy - Irreverence ejuice bottle new label

    Flaky, savory layers of puffed pastry, with fresh, sweet strawberries and thick cream sandwiched between them.  ...

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  • Sicboy - M.B.Y.C. e-Juice bottle new label

    Like mouthful of rich, creamy, decadent praline ice cream, M.B.Y.C. blends praline with creamy, sweet ice cream, and ...

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  • Sicboy - M.B.Y.C. Fried ejuice bottle new label
    M.B.Y.C. Fried

    Delicious balls of rich, creamy, decadent praline ice cream… Just like the original best-selling M.B.Y.C&helli...

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  • Sicboy Bestsellers Bundle - M.B.Y.C., Entropy, Deviant, Dessert, Fruit, Custard, Bundle, Value Pack, 3-Pack, Praline, Vanilla Ice Cream, Vanilla, Ice Cream, Cherry, Pastry, Blueberry, Cream, Graham Cracker, Biscuit
    Sicboy Bestsellers Bundle

    All of our bestselling Sicboy e-juices in one convenient bundle - this three-pack features some of the best dessert b...

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  • Sicboy - Sicker than Most e-Juice bottle new label
    Sicker than Most

    A deliciously creamy, fruity blend of ripe strawberries, tangy tangerines, and plump blueberries, covered in sweet cr...

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  • Sicboy - Wedding Crasher ejuice bottle
    Wedding Crasher

    We weren’t invited, but we’re coming anyway.  Sicboy and Giant Vapes have teamed up on a collaborati...

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  • Sicboy - Your Mom eLiquid bottle new label
    Your Mom

    The newest flavor in the Sicboy line of eliquids, Your Mom is the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and fruity, combin...

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