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Sauced Eliquid



Created by Chadd Skirkey, eliquid mixer of 2 years, with the help of Craving Vapor founders Jon Harrington and Joe Williamson, Sauced was created as somewhat of a happy accident.

One day Chadd was hanging with a friend of his that had recently started vaping.  He knew Chadd was an ejuice maker, and sought him out for help as he wanted to try his hand at DIY mixing.  None of the ideas they developed turned out particularly well until they started tinkering with flavors that had never been done before, one of which was applesauce.  They stumbled upon a near spot-on applesauce mix.

Once Chadd had an opportunity to polish the recipe, he received a surprising amount of positive feedback locally, and soon after teamed up with the Craving Vapor boys to bring Sauced to the rest of the world.


  • Sauced Eliquid - Sauced ejuice bottle

    Incredibly accurate, deliciously authentic, straight out of the jar applesauce, just like Grandma used to make. &nbs...

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