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R&D Creations



Headquartered in Orange County California, R&D Creations Premium Blend E-Liquids have been a staple in Vape Shops worldwide since 2014.  Their E-Liquids are specifically designed to quench the palates of all Vapers, from the beginner to the experienced.   R&D considers every minute detail when crafting their premium e-liquids, even down to the dark bottles they use, which not only look good, but also help reduce light oxidation of their e-juice, improving shelf-life.

With a focus on fruits, candies, and desserts, R&D Creations has something for just about every vaper. Once you take your first puff, you’ll see why they’ve grown so popular so quickly.
R&D Creations recently reformulated to a 70VG/30PG blend, the perfect ratio for both drip atomizers and tank systems alike.  With this all day vape, you will enjoy full flavor that is pronounced on the inhale while generating excellent cloud production on the exhale.  If you haven’t experienced R&D Creations Premium Blend E-Liquid, NOW is the time to try.


  • R&D Creations - Nerdz bottle e-Juice

    Those tiny candies on those tiny boxes sure did pack a tangy punch, and so does Nerdz from R&D Creations, a perfe...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • R&D Creations - Shortcakez bottle e-Juice

    Like vaping a mouthful of freshly made strawberry shortcake, Shortcakez combines a sweet yellow cake with juicy straw...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • R&D Creations - Trickz bottle e-Liquid

    Harken back to your childhood, and a delicious bowl of your favorite fruity cereal, complete with milk poured over it...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • R&D Creations - Tropicali bottle e-Juice

    It doesn’t get much more refreshing than Tropicali, a tropical beverage inspired e-juice that blends ripe straw...

    $23.99 Choose Options