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Puddin Eliquids


Puddin e-liquid is the brainchild of OG eliquid maker Benjamin Harrison, an e-juice mixing veteran of 5 years and counting as of 2016.  

After months of tinkering and refining, he was able to create a bread pudding e-liquid that exactly replicates his own grandmother’s amazing bread pudding recipe.


  • Puddin - Puddin ejuice bottle

    Warm, gooey bread pudding, coated in a sweet vanilla drizzle.   Primary Flavors:  Vanilla, Bread Pudding ...

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  • Puddin - Puddin Bliss ejuice bottle
    Puddin Bliss

    A variation on the original, best-selling Puddin, Puddin Bliss is a warm, gooey bread pudding, with ripe, baked banan...

    $24.95 Choose Options