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Pinup Vapors



St. Louis, Missouri based Pinup Vapors’ founder Timothy Stark knows a thing or two about vaping, having started is vaping journey in early 2010.  He struggled with pen-style ecigs for years, though, finally switching over from cigarettes completely in February of 2013, when he dove into vaping headlong.

Timothy began making eliquids because, at the time, premium, max VG eliquids were not readily available, and he found he had a PG aversion.  It didn’t take long before his newfound hobby turned into a potential business, as he found more and more people asking to purchase his creations.  After months of tinkering, research, and development, Pinup Vapors was born.

Pinup Vapors pays homage to the beautiful pinup models of early-mid century America with a line of delicious fruit and dessert blends that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.


  • Pinup Vapors - Barbi e-Juice bottle

    This valley girl will rock your taste buds with her mouthwatering blend of strawberries and sweet whipped cream. &nb...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Betty e-Liquid bottle

    Betty is the sweetest girl on the block, blending a variety of different fruit flavors that change with each puff, an...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Boosted/Pinup Collaboration - Betty Boo ejuice bottle with award stamp
    Betty Boo

    A collaboration by two of Giant Vapes’ best selling e-liquid makers, Betty Boo is a perfectly balanced concocti...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Betty Chill ejuice bottle with award stamp
    Betty Chill

    First place winner of the Best Mint or Menthol category at National Vape Expo, Foxwoods 2017, the beautiful, buxom, b...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Pinup Vapors - Brigette e-Juice bottle

    A summertime gal that’s sure to make you swoon, Brigette combines a zesty, orange inhale with a decadent, cake-...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Carmen e-Juice bottle

    Carmen is a sweet-tooth’s fantasy.  Her blend of banana, graham cracker, and other sweet treats will remin...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Christie e-Juice bottle

    Beautiful Christie will sweep you off your feet and whisk you away to a tropical vacation filled with pineapples, coc...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Jayne e-Juice bottle

    Jayne’s blend of mixed berries and grapes will take you to fruit-heaven and back.   Primary Flavors: &nb...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Lana e-liquid bottle

    Lana is a wild and crazy girl.  Her high VG blend will fill the room with fluffy clouds in no time.  She bl...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Marilyn e-Juice bottle

    A sweet, sultry woman, Marilyn blends creamy vanilla custard with hints of butterscotch and a warm caramel drizzle. ...

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  • Mixed Fruits Bundle - Fresh Fruit, Sucker Punch, Betty, Bundle, Value Pack, 3-Pack, Fruit, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple, Kiwi, Cream, Mixed Berries, Tropical Fruits
    Mixed Fruits Bundle

    Are you a fan of fruits? This 3-pack of best-selling mixed fruit e-liquids is for you! Featuring a variety of Giant V...

    $81.97 $72.99 Choose Options
  • Pinup Bestsellers Bundle - Betty, Marilyn, Rita, Bundle, Value Pack, 3-Pack, Fruit, Confection, Custard, Dessert, Candy, Vanilla Custard, Butterscotch, Caramel, Vanilla, Mixed Fruit
    Pinup Bestsellers Bundle

    This variety pack of max-VG ejuices features the loveliest ladies from the original Pinup and Pinup Evolution lines. ...

    $77.97 $69.99 Choose Options
  • Pinup Vapors - Rita e-Juice bottle

    Rita is quite the smarty.  She’ll seduce you with her wits, and her delicious blend of exotic fruit candie...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Rita Chill e-Juice bottle
    Rita Chill

    Rita Chill is a smarty, with hints of candy, menthol and exotic fruits. She’s sure to tease your tastebuds and ...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Ruby e-Juice bottle

    Ruby is a wild country girl with a hard candy, green apple twang.  She packs a fruity punch you won’t be a...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Sophia e-Liquid bottle

    Sophia is a bodacious bikini babe that keeps the summertime fun going all year long.  She’ll tempt your ta...

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  • Pinup Vapors - Victoria e-Juice bottle

    Victoria is a classy gal that’s the life of the party.  She creates the perfect balance of flavor and bill...

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