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Pinkies Up



Developed by veteran vapers Mike Meistrich, Andrew Byrd, and Eric Hutson, Pinkies Up Premium E-Liquid is a carefully crafted line of fancy, max VG e-liquid blends made with no added sweetner. Founded in September of 2015, it took the crew close to a year to perfect their recipes; with a variety of picky palates in the group, finding blends that were all-day-vapeable took patience and months of intensive work. Named after Michael’s habit of vaping with his pinkie up, the line has become a staple in local vape shops all over the East coast.

Now, the team is proud to share their mouthwatering, carefully developed, and supremely fancy flavors with the world - and be careful to note, these blends taste best when you vape with your pinkie up!


  • Pinkies Up - Cactus Chiller ejuice bottle
    Cactus Chiller

    The peculiar prickly pear collides with mouth watering watermelon and tart kiwi in a refreshingly light menthol blend...

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  • Pinkies Up - The Sammich ejuice bottle
    The Sammich

    Fresh sliced strawberries and bananas held together with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. This is definitely not ...

    $24.99 Choose Options