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OPMH Project



Much like the culinary industry where even the most talented chefs will often times never achieve success, the e-liquid industry contains a number of diamond in the rough, small production e-liquid mixologists who never achieved “best seller” status due to oversaturation of the e-liquid market, timing, and/or a variety of other reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of what’s in their bottles.

The OPMH Project was created as a massive collaboration involving a team of some of the industry’s most talented, creative, and even undiscovered e-liquid mixers, focusing on the mixing and palate strengths of each.  Our collaborative efforts have created a wide selection of incredibly accurate, unique, high quality e-liquids.  

Offering a variety of reasonably priced 60mls, including a collection of smaller, themed e-liquid lines, and one-off flavors, the product selection developed via the OPMH Project offers multiple all-day-vapes for every vaper.


  • OPMH Project - Fried Churro ejuice bottle
    Fried Churro

    Light, sweet, and as satisfying as the real thing, one puff from this fried, cinnamon-sugar-coated treat will have yo...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • OPMH Project - Hula Shake ejuice bottle
    Hula Shake

    Tear off your shirt, put on your coconut bikini top, and celebrate this delicious whipped blend of sweet, succulent p...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • OPMH Project - KLPI ejuice bottle

    KLPI:  Key Lime Pie Ice cream.  Need we say more?   Primary Flavors:  Key Lime, Pie, Ice Cream ...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • OPMH Project - Lemon Bar ejuice bottle
    Lemon Bar

    You’ll be hard pressed to find a more accurate e-liquid representation of this favorite dessert you fondly reme...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • OPMH Project - Mac ejuice bottle

    Your mother’s favorite sweet, creamy baked treat that you didn’t appreciate until you were older:  A...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • OPMH Project - Pinkonade ejuice bottle

    Refreshing tanginess and mouthwatering sweetness are balanced perfectly in this spot on, homemade pink lemonade. &nb...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • OPMH Project - Straw Brûlée ejuice bottle
    Straw Brûlée

    What could possibly make a classic, creamy, sugar-coated crème brûlée any better?  Why straw...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • OPMH Project - Strawstachio ejuice bottle

    Sweet, tangy vanilla frozen yogurt, swirled with pistachio ice cream, and coated with a drizzle of strawberry sauce. ...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • OPMH Project - Watson ejuice bottle

    Sit back in your Italian leather wingback chair, inhale the aromas of rich mahogany and antique books that permeate y...

    $24.99 Choose Options